Main Street Partners. This is our signature initiative to engage the business community in our efforts to eliminate domestic violence in our communities. Launched in 2018, over 130 local businesses display our materials and serve as a “Safe Haven,” letting people know that they welcome people with concerns for their safety and will provide telephone resources if they want to call us. In return, participating businesses are included in all Women’s Support Services publications associated with Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October), have the opportunity to be featured on our agency website, and are eligible for a free one-hour training on the relationship between domestic violence and healthy business.

Boys + Men Initiative. Our Boys + Men Initiative is designed to support the healthy emotional and social development of boys and create communities and peer cultures of respectful, emotionally-fluent and non-violent men. Focused on healthy masculinity, personal responsibility and bystander intervention, the free program offers a choice of curricula, including coach/mentor-delivered options.

The Main Street Partners program is an important part of our strategic efforts to raise awareness about domestic violence in all parts of our local communities and engage businesses in a coordinated community response to this pervasive problem. We truly appreciate our members and welcome the opportunity to add more businesses to our roster.
— Robert Kuhn, WSS’s Community Education and Outreach Coordinator