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Women’s Support Services epitomizes the New England spirit through their efforts to offer services free of charge, and with total confidentiality, to those in need of support. It is a good example of neighbor helping neighbor, fueled only by the power of giving. My daughter, Elyse Harney Morris, and I look forward to our involvement each year as sponsors of Trade Secrets, and through Elyse’s efforts with the Women’s Support Services Underwriting Committee – she, most enjoyably, is an early morning greeter who loves the excitement and energy of the early birds, and I am a happy buyer!
— Elyse Harney and Elyse Harney Morris

Volunteers are absolutely critical to our work at Women’s Support Services. Program volunteers complete a 20-hour certification process enabling them to work in a variety of positions:

  • Supporting our Family Violence Victim Advocate at court

  • Providing learning activities for children in pre-K and early elementary grades

  • Directly assisting clients with transportation

  • Representing WSS at awareness-raising events

  • Providing office support

  • Supporting clients in shelter with transportation and other logistical support

  • Answering the hotline

Contact Deanna Barry at dbarry@wssdv.org for further information on becoming a program volunteer.

We also need volunteers for our primary fundraising event - Trade Secrets®. More than 230 community members help us bring this amazing event to life – raising a third of our operating budget in the process!

Contact Kelly Rybczyk at krybczyk@wssdv.org for further information on becoming a Trade Secrets® volunteer.

We look forward to working with you!!

Growing up in the Northwest Corner, I remember admiring Women’s Support Services and the powerful contribution that they bring to our community. This group of sincere, caring, and passionate members inspires me to become more involved in my community. WSS was incredibly welcoming when I asked to become an intern. Their compassion, kindness, and dedication to bettering the lives of others has heavily influenced me this past year. My involvement in the organization has changed my work ethic, my problem-solving skills, and my willingness to help others. About a year ago, WSS gave me the beautiful opportunity to use my English and Spanish fluency to write for them in a bilingual magazine. Through my writing, I know that I am educating the public on domestic violence, and I am promoting useful resources for victims. As a young, Hispanic woman, I am proud to be a part of the team at WSS, and a part of the movement to end abuse. Even in the future, I can see myself drawing on the principles I have learned from Women’s Support Services, and using them to make a difference.
— Valerie Lenis