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Women’s Support Services offers a variety of age-appropriate healthy relationship programming for students from pre-school through high school. All programs can be adapted to meet the needs of your school and student / parent population. All programs are free of charge.

  • Pre-school through 2nd grade – Early childhood education using stories and activities to explore emotion regulation, communication, gender, and conflict management. Focus on teaching younger students the building blocks of healthy relationship skills and respectful communication.

  • Late elementary through 8th grade – Shifting Boundaries curriculum, active bystander skill building, and Healthy Relationship curriculum. Adapted for age-appropriate content. Focus on providing pre-teens with tools to set healthy boundaries, understand social and cultural messages re: gender, body image, and respect, and discuss skills for creating positive peer connections in various relationships.

  • High school – interactive discussions and activities addressing on-line safety, healthy relationships, consent, teen dating violence, gender identity and sexual orientation. Focus on supporting age-appropriate development of healthy boundaries, respect, and relationship skills.

  • Parent and Teacher workshops – Skill-building for supporting healthy relationships in young people and curricula overview.

WSS has consistently, over time, responded to the needs of all the members of the North Canaan Elementary School community including teachers, staff, students and their families. The programs offered by WSS to our students are always informative and engaging. It has been my honor to work with the administration and staff of such a well-respected organization.
— Leila Wood, School Counselor North Canaan Elementary School