2019 - 2020

As an educator, I believe that safety, respect, and trust are the keys to healthy relationships between students and teachers in my classroom, and I am grateful that Women’s Support Services is similarly committed to modeling and nurturing healthy relationships between both intimate partners and families throughout our communities.
While the compassionate services WSS provides to victims of domestic violence are essential, the educational opportunities WSS offers to men and women, to boys and girls, and to parents and children, are just as inspiring.
— Steve McKibben, Vice Chair, WSS Board of Directors

 Emily Vail, Chair
Steve McKibben , Vice Chair
Elizabeth Webb, Secretary
Barbara Kahn Moller, Treasurer

Nancy Baker
Diana Bisselle
Amy Rasner Clulow
Elizabeth Demetriades
Heide Hendricks
Alexandra Lange
Beth Simon
Anna Traggio

Domestic Violence is a Human Rights violation and a criminal act and it occurs in our backyards. It is debilitating not only to the victim, but also to the perpetrator. I volunteer for Women’s Support Services because I believe that the cycle of violence is devastating and must be broken. Mine is a lonely voice but I know that I can make a difference. Together, we can be formidable.
— Judith Crouch, former Chair, WSS Board of Directors