Betsey Mauro, Executive Director, Womens Support Services

Dr. D. Elizabeth Mauro, Executive Director

Dr. D. Elizabeth “Betsey” Mauro, Executive Director.  Betsey joined the WSS staff in January, 2016, after a career in ministry and higher education, which also included work with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Betsey is a native of northwestern Connecticut and is excited to be part of the important work of WSS.   She is committed to excellence in all WSS does and believes the services and support WSS offers clients and our communities can and does change lives for the better.

Liz Davis, Adult Counselor Advocate, Womens Support Services

Liz Davis, Adult Counselor Advocate

Liz came to WSS in September 2007. Liz has worked in the human services field for more than 29 years, with 16 of those focused in the field of domestic violence. Liz’s experience also includes substance abuse and HIV/AIDS work. As a formerly battered woman, Liz is passionate about the Battered Women’s Movement, her work with victims of domestic violence and our collective work for social change.

Rebecca Cohen, Child Advocate/Community Educator, Women's Support Services

Rebecca Cohen, Community Educator/Outreach Coordinator 

Rebecca joined the WSS team in October 2011.  She has her M.S. in Secondary School Counseling from Marywood University in Scranton, PA.  Rebecca has worked with children of all ages both in the classroom and outside of the school setting for several years; she brings a wealth of knowledge, new perspectives and energy to her position.  During hr tenure she has increased our networking contacts and significantly expanded our violence prevention and education programs in the Northwest Corner. WSS is fortunate to have Rebecca as part of their team.

Lisa Waldron, Family Violence Victim Advocate

Lisa Waldron, Family Violence Victim Advocate

In December 2012, Lisa joined the WSS staff. She spends most of her working days at Bantam Criminal Court advocating for victims of domestic violence. She has been a clinician, counselor/advocate, support group facilitator and DCF social worker.  She brings expertise in the domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy fields.  

Vicki Kirkpatrick, Fund Development Coordinator

Vicki Kirkpatrick,Trade Secrets Event Coordinator and Financial Administrator

Vicki started at WSS in September 2009 as the Office Administrator and then promoted to the position of Fund Development Coordinator in 2014.  In 2016, she took the position as the full time Trade Secrets Event Coordinator and Financial Administrator. She has worked at a variety of non-profits in the New York area, including work with the underserved and impoverished communities as well as with mediation centers. Her primary responsibilities include managing the Trade Secrets event, our annual fundraising event, as well as administrates the financial processes of the agency. She currently resides in Lagrangeville, NY with her family.

Jessica Troy, Family and Youth Advocate

Jess has been involved with WSS since fall 2015 when she came in as an intern. She came back in the summer of 2016 to join the staff as an advocate. Jess holds a Bachelors in General Studies with  a theme in Human Services and a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from UCONN. She is starting a dual Master's degree in Social Work and Women's Studies at Southern Connecticut State University in the fall. Jess has worked in human services for twelve years; her areas of focus include persons with developmental disabilities and the geriatric population. Jess is a survivor of domestic violence. After working on her own healing, Jess felt a calling to join the battered women's movement. Jess is a licensed massage therapist and has a strong meditation practice. 


Virginia Gold, Program Manager

Virginia joined the WSS team in May 2017.  Virginia has a Masters in Social Work and has worked for the past 25 years in community organizing / non-profit agencies in MA, VT, and CT, including therapeutic foster care, community mental health, and hospice work.  She and her children have been back home in Cornwall for three years, and she is delighted to be part of the WSS team at this time.


Shelly Ross Robbins, Director of Development

Shelly joined WSS in September 2016. Shelly has worked in the areas of women’s leadership development, economic empowerment, and conflict prevention and peacebuilding in Africa, Southeast Europe, Oceania, and the US. She has a BA in Economics and Urban Studies from William Smith College and an MA in Coexistence and Conflict from Brandeis University. Shelly lives with her family in Bedford, NY.

Louisa Dux, Fundraising Administrative Assistant 

Louisa joined the WSS team in January, 2017 as the Trade Secrets Administrative Assistant. From there, she moved on to Research and Administrative Development Assistant in the summer of 2017, then Fundraising Administrative Assistant in the fall. When not at WSS, Louisa can be found either petsitting, or coxing for Litchfield Hills Rowing Club.

Ashley Gille, Hotline Counselor

Ashley started at WSS in December 2014. She graduated from Skidmore College with a B.A. in American Studies in 1993. She later received her MSW from Rutgers University in 1998. Since graduating, she has worked as a social worker in a variety of settings. In her free time, Ashley enjoys reading, watching the Investigation Discovery Channel and hiking. She loves dogs, particularly German Shepherds.

Elly Bierce, Hotline Counselor

Elly came to WSS in 2014, first as a volunteer and then as a staff person. Through her own personal experience and healing, Elly developed a great passion for the battered women’s movement. She completed the training necessary to become a certified Battered Women’s Crisis Intervention Counselor in August and volunteered on our crisis hotline. In December, Elly accepted the Hotline Counselor position and has been counseling and supporting battered women and their children through our 24 hour crisis hotline.